Adult Treatment

Adults present with a myriad of situations that benefit tremendously from orthodontic treatment.  Apart from aligning the teeth to create a more esthetic and beautiful smile, adults seek treatment for additional reasons as well.

Cosmetic Dental Work – Anyone having cosmetic dental treatment performed (e.g. veneers) should be evaluated for orthodontic treatment first.  And the reason for this is simple: put the teeth where they belong first before you make them look nice… turns out they always look a lot nicer that way.  If your teeth are not straight to begin with, then your general dentist is starting with a compromised foundation upon which to build your new smile.  This can lead to your new crowns and veneers being too thick or thin with odd angles and unnatural features, all because they are trying to camouflage the actual positions of the teeth while attempting to appear straight and perfect.  

Implants – If you are considering implants to restore missing teeth, then you should be evaluated for orthodontic treatment for a couple reasons.  First, the space for the implant is most likely incorrect.  Almost without fail, when a tooth is lost the adjacent teeth will tip into that space, compromising the position of the implant and the shape of the crown. Second, once you place an implant you cannot move it.  So, if you decide later that you would like to straighten your teeth, you may be out of luck.  Ideally, in any implant case, the teeth need to be moved into their correct, intended position so that the implant can be placed in an uncompromised position and the crown will be the accurate shape and size of the missing tooth it’s replacing. 

In theory, moving teeth in adults is no different than moving teeth in children.  Fortunately now, adult treatment is much more common due to advancements in technology that provide options other than braces you can see.  Come find the options for the lifestyle that fits you.